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When you’re missing a tooth or more or you want them replaced with something natural-looking and easy to maintain, stop by Dental Associates of Dublin and talk to Dr. Scott Bruckmair about dental implants. They are made up of three parts: a titanium fixture (artificial root), an abutment (holds a crown onto the “root”), and a porcelain crown (cemented in place to look like a tooth).

Are you missing a tooth?

We need only three appointments. The first appointment is for consultation, X-ray and tooth measurement. The second appointment is for the placement of the artificial root and the third appointment is for the cementation of a porcelain crown. The entire process will be completed within 6 months with little to no pain. In addition to that, we’ll save you thousands of dollars too!

Know more about our procedure

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When you’re missing several of our teeth and have a partial or complete denture, we’ll help you keep your denture in place. We’ll place implants to help hold your existing denture. You know what the best part is? This procedure can be done all in one day!


Dr. Brinson has years of experience stabilizing dentures using mini-implants and most patients experience little to no pain and are able to chew food the same day the procedure is done. You’ll never have to worry about using adhesives to hold the dentures in place.

Missing several of your teeth?

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