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An xray of the teeth

Instead of continuing to use film that was expensive, toxic and time consuming to process, we now use dental radiographs. Because it is digital, we get sharper and clearer images on our computer screens in real time that only uses a fraction of the radiation of traditional film radiographs. Patients can also see the x-rays on an enlarged screen along with their doctor. This helps us decide what the best treatment options are without leaving the patient's side.

Say hello to better technology

These x-rays help us diagnose dental decay, periodontal disease and even life-threatening oral cancer.

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icon An xray of a tooth showing the presence of tooth decays An xray of the teeth

The radiograph shows a Bitewing X-ray that shows the top and bottom teeth of one side of the patient’s mouth.  These are usually done at the same time as dental cleaning. Most of the time, four of these are done (two on the left side and two on the right side) in order to see between all of the patient’s back teeth.

The black arrow in the radiograph points out the shadow indicating the presence of decay (a cavity) between the patient’s teeth.

Dental caries

A PA, an X-Ray that shows the entire tooth including the root, is important when we’re dealing with more advanced dental problems.  The radiograph shows a patient’s lower right, bottom teeth. As you can see, the red circle highlights severe decay between the teeth accompanied by a dental abscess circled in blue.

Dental decay and infection

With an X-ray, you can look for periodontal disease, which is bone loss beneath the gums surrounding the roots of the teeth. The black space between the teeth indicated bone loss and clearly illustrates periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease

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